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Definition of web-based application?

Web-based application that is accessed over a network such as internet or intranet. The software is on the internet and your documents can be saved there instead of the softwa (MORE)

What are the advantages of mounting applications on the web?

  here are the advantages:   * Increasing awareness of the availability of a service, product, industry, person, or group.  * The possibility of 24-hour access for use (MORE)

What is web application development?

Projects are broadly divided into two types of : 2 tier applications 3 tier applications CLIENT / SERVER TESTING [a] This type of testing usually done for 2 tier applic (MORE)

What are web application and embedded application?

  Simple answer... a web application is an application accessed via a web browser (ie, firefox, chrome, safari, opera...)   A web application can be as simple as HTML f (MORE)

What is web application software?

In software engineering, a web application or webapp [1] is an application that is accessed via a web browser over a network such as the Internet or an intranet. It is also a (MORE)

How do you create web application?

It depends on what programming language. I'd recommend java. Most programming books on java include how to make a web applet. For learning Java, I'd recommend Head First Java, (MORE)