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What is a web browser?

A web browser is commonly referred to as a browser. It is a  software application which is used to retrieve, present and pass  over information using the world wide web. Cli (MORE)
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What is web client and web server?

A Client and a Server are two parts of a connection. In a web environment, these are two distinct machines, A Client is any machine that requests information, the Server is wh (MORE)

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What is color?

Color is the appearance of objects or light sources; caused by the  emitance, reflection, or transmittance of light.    Color is measured in wavelengths.    A s (MORE)

Why are there 216 Web safe colors instead of 256?

On older Macintosh and Windows computers, the graphics hardware of the time was typically limited to 256 colors. Each of the operating systems used several "reserved" system c (MORE)

Why is it important for a web designer to understand theories of color space balance rhythm proportion and dominance?

This is because color is considered one of the most important aspects in any website design. The final styling and movements of the websites also depend largely on the color s (MORE)