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What are the elements of a web page?

A webpage or web page is a document or resource of information that is suitable for the World Wide Web and can be accessed through a web browser and displayed on a computer sc (MORE)
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How do you embed video in a web page?

The simplest way to embed a video: If you have your own video, create a free account on YouTube or Vidiopia, upload your video then grab the embed code on the video's page. Si (MORE)

How is web page and website related?

Web pages and websites share a many to one relationship; many pages may come together to create one site, while a site may contain many pages. Typically, a website is defined (MORE)

How can you use a web address to display a web page?

There are a few steps to using a Web address to display a Web page: - Purchase a domain name, which is your Web address. There are plenty of domain name registrars on the We (MORE)
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How do you get past a web page block?

Where it shows the web address, have it say https (as in for example). NOTE: This will not always work. In fact, it only works on about 20% of the websites (MORE)

How do you close a web page that is frozen?

One way to close a web page that is frozen, go to your Start menu  and select shut down. The frozen page should go away. If you don't  want to turn off your computer, press (MORE)

What is one technique for evaluating web pages?

starting off, determine the websites validity. Is this website a  primary source of information? if not does the website contain  references and links to where they received (MORE)

How are web pages made?

Using the tools and ideas as set out by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, people  write them.
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