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How can you store pictures on SQL Database?

In short, the SQL database column has to be defined as either an image column or a binary column (SQL2k) In earlier versions, 6.5 & 7, they should have been defined as a BLOB (MORE)

What is the difference between sql server and ms sql 2000 database?

SQL Server is most often referred to as Microsoft SQL Server, but there is also a Sybase SQL Server which was originally created on UNIX in 1987. MS sql 2000 database, or Micr (MORE)

Database management the origin and its growth in sql?

  E. F. Codd introduced the term in his seminal paper "A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks", published in 1970. In this paper and later papers he define (MORE)

What are the advantages of an SQL database as compared to a MS Access database?

  MySQL databases are the better choice for any online application as they interact better online and do not require a windows server or more complex connection strings th (MORE)

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How to backup sql database?

Use program way backup and recovery. Tool repair sql database any version starting with MS SQL Server 2000, including SQL 2005. ------------- You can backup SQL server data (MORE)

How do you connect an HTML form to a my SQL database?

To connect an HTML form and a MySQL database you have to employee an intermediary programming language. On the internet, this means using a language similar in function to PHP (MORE)