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What is a webcast wedding?

A webcast is typically a "live" streaming video connecting two different locations for both parties to communicate. In webcast wedding it could be two possibilities:. 1. The (MORE)

How do you make a webcast?

Choose a set were you can make the show, it should be bright and colorful. When you are recording the show make sure you aren't boring. If you are boring, your veiwers won't w (MORE)

How does webcasting work?

From a technical standpoint, in a perfect world, someone more knowledgeable will complete this paragraph. From a copyright standpoint, it's a point of some contention in th (MORE)
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What kind of presentation is a webcast?

A webcast is where users may watch a piece of pre-recorded or live video from another user via the internet. One could watch a webcast while speaking to someone who is on the (MORE)