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What is a webpage?

Web page is one type of document which shares information suits for  WWW(world wide web) and all people can accessed through a web  browser and can be displayed on your moni (MORE)

Where is the name of a webpage?

It's inside < head > tag.inside this tag there a < title > tag to put the name(actually it's called page title) of the page. Anything you write inside < title > and < /title > (MORE)

What is visiting a webpage?

A web page is a page on the Internet. If you are visiting a web page, you would be using the Internet.
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What is elements of a webpage?

Element of web page are head, body, header, footer many more for more info visit <a herf="" rel ="dofollow"></a>
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How do you host your webpage?

You simply purchase a web-hosting service, of which there are countless. Be sure to check reviews for web hosting services before committing - just as with any service, reliab (MORE)