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What is a webpage?

Web page is one type of document which shares information suits forWWW(world wide web) and all people can accessed through a webbrowser and can be displayed on your monitor an ( Full Answer )
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What is behind a webpage?

HTML . Behind the Web Page is the HTML. The HTML is a language for the browser to read, and instructs the browser in how to display the page. If you want to see the HTML, r ( Full Answer )
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What is webpage format?

HTML + CSS/JAVASCRIPT/FLASH/PHP . The page is coded in HTML code,and objects/interactions/stylesheet if any is runned at thebeginning of the site.
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What is the address of a webpage?

The address of a website is simply an easy way to refer to the location of a website on the internet, much like the address of your house works for the postal service. It is u ( Full Answer )
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What is a webpage link?

A webpage link helps you easily connect from one web page to another by clicking on a usually light blue underlined URL. A link is some text or an image that, when you click i ( Full Answer )
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What is webpage and website?

A Web Page is each page on the Internet, A Website is the Whole Site for example, is a Website with multiple Web Pages.
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What is save as webpage?

Some programs and web services allow you to save a document as a web page so that it can easily be rendered in a browser. It's basically just adding the necessary formatting t ( Full Answer )
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How design the webpage?

Hi you can use dreamweaver software or apple iweb. If you are notgood with HTML coding, i suggest you to go with iweb which comewith any Macintosh machine.
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How can you copy the webpage?

Go to: File>Print OR Control-P (PC)/Command-P (Mac) Rather than actually print the page, click on the button that says PDF and then click 'Save as PDF'. You can then ( Full Answer )
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Why is the webpage blinking?

Many people like to use animated graphics for this purpose. If you have access to Photoshop, you can easily create your own animated graphics. If you want to blink your web pa ( Full Answer )