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What is this website for?

you know that this websites for apex! and extracurricular thinkingbut i wouuld like to note that i hope the creators see my messageand fix your bugs in the website as in if i (MORE)
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What is a website?

A website is a collection of Web pages, A web page can contain anytype of information, and can include text, color, graphics,animation and sound that is hosted on server usual (MORE)
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How do you get a website?

If your a teenager get piczo . The best place to start is with a free website. You can easily move it to a self-hosted WordPress site (see when (MORE)
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What website are you on?

wikianswers you are meant to ask questions and then this ansers them 4 u. Wikianswers of course! Ask us humans a question and we answer them for you.
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What is with this website?

this is a website you can come on to find out information, so if you ask a question two days later someone might answer it
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Why do you have a website?

Website is a getway to enter the global market. It opens doors forreaching multiple clients and customers simultaneously. Website isnecessary to promote business, build brand (MORE)
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How do you get on to the website?

you are such an idiot! Ah just kidding but seriously you should know that the website is: (
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What is a website for?

Primarily to have a web presence. This can be web presence of a store, a corporate house, a professional like accountant or lawyer. But unfortunately the businesses whic (MORE)
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What this website about?

Oh, It's just for help. Like, when you'r stuck on a game. You would turn you'r problem into question form, wait for someone to solve it, post it up, oh, and you to (MORE)
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How do you get into website?

You google what you want to find and most of the time a website comes up so then u click on it