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What is the difference between websters dictionary and merriam-websters dictionary?

It is the same thing Noah Webster was an American lexicographer who published the first American dictionary Charles and George Merriam began revising and publishing Webster's (MORE)

What is a dictionary?

A dictionary is a book of words of a particular language and their accepted definitions, origins, parts of speech, pronunciation, spelling and in some cases a sample of their (MORE)

How do you get to a dictionary?

Bookstores carry dictionaries, libraries have them, and if that is too much trouble, you can always type in a word on google, and find a link to an online dictionary.
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What is a 1938 Webster dictionary worth?

I bought one at a used book store (a 1939) for $.50. That is 50 cents. 1938 wasn't a first edition or anything like that that would make it unusually valuable, so it's probab (MORE)

Are Merriam Webster Reliable as an Online Dictionary?

No they are not. They provide little in support of word provenance and seldom quote either an individual or a book for their word entries on line. -Freddie 125 Although they s (MORE)