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Why do you have weddings?

Wedding is the place where a couple announce publicly their love and commitment to other people and a place people congratulate the newly wedded couple.
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What is a wedding?

A wedding is where you promise to stay with someone you love for your whole life. It makes you officialy husband and wife!
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When will be the wedding?

Some people like their weddings on a special day like there baptism or birth date. Or even the day that comes between your spouses birthday the number in the middle of yours.
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Meaning of wedding ring on wedding?

Wedding rings embody the continuous flow of love, a circle symbolizes eternity, where there is no beginning or end. It is believed that love moves constantly in the media for ( Full Answer )
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Where can you have weddings?

You can have weddings anywhere. If you're a Catholic, then it isexpected that you choose church wedding. If not, you can havewedding garden decoration in Hong Kong. You can al ( Full Answer )
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Where can you have your wedding?

Anywhere! Yes virtually anywhere in the universe. That's why people areperforming the wedding in churches, home, cruises, deserts,underwater, in space craft, airplane. But t ( Full Answer )
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What do you do when you have a wedding?

Before wedding, i would prepare some good wedding ideas. such assave the date by carving our name and wedding date on the sole ofwedding shoes. that would be very cute!
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Who has to be at a wedding?

The most basic persons in a traditional church wedding are the parents, the entourage, the principal sponsors and the secondary sponsors
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How do you get out of a wedding?

Basically, you just have to be honest and call of the wedding if you are in doubt.