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Was the Royal Wedding a Protestant wedding?

the royal family are not protestants, they are anglicons and that is more akin to the catholic religion ,there are a lot of ignorant people out there it was not a protestant w (MORE)

Was the royal wedding a Catholic wedding?

Royal wedding in England are not Catholic weddings although the Church of England is only one step away from Catholicism.   No the Royal Wedding was a Church of England (MORE)

When is the wedding?

The wedding ceremony can be at any time of season at any time of day. When planning your wedding take these things into consideration: weather; colors; light; photographs; hon (MORE)

What is a wedding?

A wedding is where you promise to stay with someone you love for your whole life. It makes you officialy husband and wife!
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When will be the wedding?

Some people like their weddings on a special day like there baptism or birth date. Or even the day that comes between your spouses birthday the number in the middle of yours.
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Meaning of wedding ring on wedding?

Wedding rings embody the continuous flow of love, a circle symbolizes eternity, where there is no beginning or end. It is believed that love moves constantly in the media for (MORE)

Where can you have weddings?

You can have weddings anywhere. If you're a Catholic, then it is  expected that you choose church wedding. If not, you can have  wedding garden decoration in Hong Kong. You (MORE)

Do you need a wedding planner for your wedding?

Well, if you believe you have the skills to do DIY stuff and you've  got all the time to do the wedding planning stage, then ignore one.  But if it's the other way around, I (MORE)