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What is a weed?

the definition of a weed is a plant which grows out of place. a beautiful tulip would be a weed if it grew in a wheat field and the same wheat would be a weed if it grew in a ( Full Answer )
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What is weed and what does it do?

Weed (or ganja, pot, cannibis, etc.) is a natural plant that people (to get the effects) smoke using either a pipe, bong, some other kind of piece, or from a joint or blunt.. ( Full Answer )
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Do you do weed?

Do I do weed? No. I smoke weed.. Although I prefer the word; ganja :)
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What do weed do?

There is no such thing as a weed. It is only what we call plants we don't want. dat person how gave u da answer plant dat u don want does not no anyting ya if u no ( Full Answer )
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Can you get weed out?

Systemic removal of THC metabolites and wweed comes from a birdcalled shitalongadingdong(usually for a drug test) mostly requirestime. The amount of time varies based on one's ( Full Answer )
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What kind of weed if funk weed?

If you are refering to marijuana, then when someone says something like that they probably mean the weed is bad or poor quality.
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Why is the smart weed considered a weed?

Aggressive takeovers of space, proliferation of seeds, and well-being on soils high in calcium, low in nutrients, and poor in drainage are reasons why the smart weed is consid ( Full Answer )
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Where is the weed on a weed leaf?

the leaf is not what you want. The bud is where the glory is. The leafs do not make you high at all, so dont smoke them. Smoke the buds. Think of the plant as a fruit tree. ( Full Answer )
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Does the weed have to be baked in a weed brownie?

Rhys burns makes hash everyday he sits ina bath with his bag ofleaves and takes and think about sharna whilist adding his spunkinto the hash
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Can you make weed from home weed?

You can't "make weed" from anything. The only way have your own supply of free weed is to grow marijuana then follow proper harvesting, drying and curing techniques. However, ( Full Answer )