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What is a weed?

the definition of a weed is a plant which grows out of place. a beautiful tulip would be a weed if it grew in a wheat field and the same wheat would be a weed if it grew in a (MORE)

What is weed and what does it do?

Weed (or ganja, pot, cannibis, etc.) is a natural plant that people (to get the effects) smoke using either a pipe, bong, some other kind of piece, or from a joint or blunt.. (MORE)

How much weed is in a dub of weed?

slang differs in every location but most of the time 2 grams i don't know whats up with that first answer. but in Arizona a dub of reggie cost $20 and you get 7 grams. and (MORE)

What do weed do?

There is no such thing as a weed. It is only what we call plants we don't want. dat person how gave u da answer plant dat u don want does not no anyting ya if u no (MORE)

Effect of weed killers on weeds?

It kills their roots. Answer 2 Not necessarily their roots. Some weedkillers (paraquat, for example) just kill the green parts of plants. Obviously the roots may die in t (MORE)

Can you get weed out?

Systemic removal of THC metabolites and wweed comes from a birdcalled shitalongadingdong(usually for a drug test) mostly requirestime. The amount of time varies based on one's (MORE)

What makes a weed a weed?

What makes a weed a weed is that a weed is an unplanned plant suchas a dandelion. Even a useful plant is a weed if it comes up in thewrong place but most weeds are plants that (MORE)