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What is a weenis?

It is a slang term that someone made up for the loose patch of skin outside one's elbow. The skin is more properly called the olecranal skin , covering the point of the elbow (MORE)
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What a weenie?

A weenie is one of two things for the kid in us its a hotdog as for the pervert in us well..............let's just say it starts with daddy doll.

What is the definition of weenis?

The slang term weenis (or wenis ), which is singular, refers to the loose outer skin of the elbow, which is more properly the olecranal skin (the olecranon process of the (MORE)

What rhymes with weenie?

2 syllables : beeney, cheaney, cini, clini, deeney, dini, feeney, feeny, fini, freeney, freeny, genie , greaney, heaney, heeney, jeaney, jeanie, jeannie, keaney, keeney, (MORE)

Can you bite your weenis?

It's possible, but only if you are unnaturally flexible. The slang term weenis (or wenis ) refers to the loose skin outside the elbow. This is more properly the olecranal (MORE)

Are weenies dog?

No. Weenies, frankfurters, stadium dogs, and hotdogs are typicallybeef, pork, chicken, turkey, or a combination of these.