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Why do infants weep?

Infants weep for many reasons. It could be because of hunger, a wet  or soiled diaper, pain, loneliness, tiredness or being frightened.
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Why do weeping willows weep?

They don't actually weep. The word "weeping" refers to the way the branches hang down, which could be compared to tears falling down.
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Why do spots weep?

A spot - is a pore that's been blocked by something on the skin. The yellowy-white fluid that leaks from a spot is a mixture of grease, dirt and bacteria. The spot weeps to g (MORE)

Why does the weeping willow supposedly weep?

What had happened was, back in the 1860s there were a family of talking Weeping Willows. They've had their own community and stuff. A few years possibly hundreds of years late (MORE)

How do you spell weeped?

The past tense of to weep is wept. Along with crept, dealt, dreamt, kept, knelt, leapt, slept, and swept, this is an archaic form that remains in use. Others, like spelt, an (MORE)

What are weeping angels?

Weeping angels are one of the oldest aliens in the universe. They have the perfect defense because they turn into stone or become "quantum locked" whenever any other living th (MORE)

What is weeping willow?

it is a tree. They get the name because their branches make them  look sad/crying
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What is a weeping angel?

A weeping angel is a statue of an angel crying found in Doctor Who.  It can come closer and move when no one is looking. They can also  turn out the lights.