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Who is Natalie Franz?

She is the make up artist for Bill/Tokio Hotel and although there are plenty of rumors they have a more than purely professional relationship, her age is all speculation and h (MORE)

Who is franz weiss?

He was an artist. I met him when I was 6 years old, in 1968. He had a group of his pieces displayed in Nashville. My parents and I were walking by and I thought they were so b (MORE)

How did Franz Liszt become famous?

He rose to his fame due to his virtuosity as a pianist. Inspired by the virtuosity of Niccolo Paganini and Frederic Chopin, he set out to create his own musical style and outd (MORE)

What did theodor schwann and franz schulze do?

They co founded cell theory. In 1836/7 they showed that when air goes through red-hot glass tubes, or through sulphuric acid, the amount of oxygen stays the same but living th (MORE)

Did Franz Ferdinand have siblings?

Yes, two brothers and a sister, and two half-sisters. Franz and his brothers and sister were all the children of their father's second wife. The first wife died without any ch (MORE)

How did Franz Kafka die?

Community Answer 1 Kafka and Dora eventually returned to Prague. In an attempt to overcome his tuberculosis, Kafka travelled to Vienna for treatment at a sanatorium. He died (MORE)

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