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What does a nickel weigh?

5.0 gm. Nickels were the first metric coins issued, during a much earlier attempt to drag the U.S. into compliance with the rest of the world's measuring systems.     (MORE)

What does gold weigh?

That depends on the amount of gold. The general relationship is: mass = volume x density In the case of gold, the density is approximately 19 kilograms per liter. Well, that's (MORE)
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What does a tiger weigh?

It's depending on the subspecies and gender. So your answer wouldhave to range from 150 to 675 pounds. Males weighing more thanfemales and Siberian Tigers weighing more than a (MORE)

Where can you weigh your trailer?

You can weigh your tractor and trailer at any Pilot, Loves, Circle K, any truck stop with a Cat Scale (Big Yellow Sign that says Cat Scale).
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Weighing by difference?

I'm not sure what you mean, but weighing by difference is when you: Take the weight of an empty container, fill the container with a substance.Take the weight of the containe (MORE)

How do you weigh water?

If you know the volume in English measurement, one pint equals one pound. A gallon weighs eight pounds. Or you can place a container of water on scale, weigh it, and subtrac (MORE)

How do you weigh a 747?

How it's actually done:   Weight and balance need to be calculated before every flight. This  includes the total weight.   Large aircraft use load sensors in each gea (MORE)
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What are you suppose to weigh?

  It depends on your height and width   depends on what age you are, look up on google "how much a (age here) is supposed to weigh" go to and type that in (MORE)

Can gas be weighed?

Yes, gases can be weighed. One way, which many people use this method when weighing a gas, fill a balloon to a certain amount and weigh it.