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How do you weigh hydrogen?

Well a mole of Hydrogen weighs 2.02 grams (two hydrogen atoms at 1.01g each) and at 25ºC a mole of ideal gas (a mole of any gas contains 6.022 * 10^23 molecules - a fixed q (MORE)
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What do you weigh?

I weigh 7 pounds and i am 121 years old I weight 400 pounds and I'm a 13 year old, female.

How much can you weigh?

some people can weigh up to 1,600 pounds some are skinney and may weigh 70 or 60 of course a baby weights 2 to 22 pounds. Perhaps you should have worded it 'How much shoukd I (MORE)

What weighs 40g?

If you subtracted an iPad 2 from an iPad 3 the difference would be around 40g, or 1 mole of Zicronium.
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What is weighing?

- Weighing traditionally means to measure the mass of an object (in the majority of cases, in the standard gravitational field of the Earth, or adjusting for other gravitation (MORE)
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What is weighs?

In order to know what something weighs one needs to know whatobject you are referencing.