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Can a weka fly?

no a weka can't fly it's kind of like the takahe the weka and takahe can't fly because it lost it's ability to fly. actually yes it can
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What are normal type Pokemon weka against?

ur face . Better Answer: Wow! That person who wrote 'ur face' is a retard! Normal type Pokemon are weak against fighting types. But you should also not try normal type m (MORE)

What are the wekanesses of a corporation?

I will identify 2 weaknesses of corporations. First is that their success or failure is reported in quarterly financial reports. Some corporations get past this and will sacri (MORE)

What is advantages and disadvantages of weka?

Advantages of Weka: 1.As weka is fully implemented in java programing languages, it is platform independent & portable. 2.It is freely available under GNU General Public Licen (MORE)

Where doe wekas live?

Weka occupy areas such as forests, s ub-alpine grassland, s and dunes , r ocky shores and modified semi-urban environments.
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What services does WEKA software perform?

WEKA software provides the user with interface for learning how to use software called "Java". WEKA performs services such as performing real world data mining using algorithm (MORE)

How big is an average weka?

If you mean the New Zealand bird, they are about 20 inches tall andmay weigh up to 3.5 pounds. If you mean the software, the maximum is 512MB.