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Why was the Great Depression such a hard time?

Many businesses failed and very few new jobs were created. Many insurance companies and banks failed and investors lost their savings. Farm prices dropped and middle-America (MORE)
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How do you deal with hard times in your life?

well you could talk to friends and feel comforted with your parents. But never drink way to much but just tell someone your problem it will release some of the hard things in (MORE)

Why do you have a hard time looking people in the eye?

looking someone in the eye is a very intimate action. the eyes are 'the window to the soul'. some people guard themselves very heavily and have a hard time opening up and shar (MORE)
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Is algebra 1 hard?

Algebra 1 is not actually hard. Its pretty easy. The main thing you have to do to understand is to just pay attention in the class. The most complicated chapter of Algebra 1 i (MORE)

What is the theme of 'Utilitarianism' in the novel 'Hard Times'?

The theme of utilitarianism, along with industrialization and education is explored by Charles Dickens, in his novel Hard Times. Utilitarianism dominated as the form of govern (MORE)

Did Benjamin Franklin have hard times?

Yes, actually he had a very hard times in his life. His parents couldn't afford for his education more than one year and with this reason he only got one year education which (MORE)