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How do you weld?

in order to make a weld you need a welder The above post is a little simplistic but you basically weld using gas or electricity to melt the base metal allowing you to ad (MORE)

What is welding?

When you heat a piece of metal so that part of it melts, that melted part can stick to another piece of metal and when it cools and hardens, the two pieces of metal will be co (MORE)

What is weld?

weld is a conductive substance used to fill gaps in most types of welding, it serves the same purpose as solder. One type is called a Flux rod, it is an iron or alloy rod coat (MORE)

What is a weld?

A weld is the fusing of materials by melting. Metals, glass, and some plastics can be welded. Not to be confused with brazing, soldering, or glueing.

Where can you weld?

u cant weld anywhere hahahahahahahah Not nice. Some community colleges offer welding programs and/or classes. Get in good with instructor and you may have use of all the sc (MORE)

What is the welding for MIG welding?

mig welding is Metal Inert Gas welding. it typically uses Constant voltage DC+ current. It uses a wire feeder that supplies the electrode to the weld puddle and shields the mo (MORE)

What is welding current and welding voltage?

Think of electricity as water in a pipe. The larger the pipe the more water can flow thru. That is current = volume = amperage = amount of heat. Voltage can be compared to pre (MORE)

What is welding and what are different types of welding?

Welding is a method of joining materials together by melting. It'smost commonly used on steel and ferrous metals, but some plasticscan be welded too. Usually a filler material (MORE)