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What is the welding for MIG welding?

mig welding is Metal Inert Gas welding. it typically uses Constant voltage DC+ current. It uses a wire feeder that supplies the electrode to the weld puddle and shields the mo (MORE)

What is smaw welding?

Shielded Metal Arc Welding, commonly called Stick welding. A shielded electrode passes a current between itself and the workpiece. Both the base-metal and the electrode ar (MORE)

What is the welding defects for MIG welding?

You can find pretty much all welding defects in Mig welding. There are some that are morelikely to appear than others but that is depending on the gas and power range that is (MORE)

What is stick out in welding?

This is a term used in MIG (metal-inert-gas) welding. When you pull the trigger to weld, wire travels out of the nozzle, strikes the workpiece, and starts the welding current. (MORE)

Why do welds crack?

It is usually not the weld but the metal right beside the the weld. If a piece of metal needs to be welded, it may be getting thin in other places and when it is welded, the h (MORE)

Is mig welding a forge welding?

No, Forge welding is the simplest form of welding where two metals are heated to a state than can be forced to meld into each-other such as hammering or by other mechanical me (MORE)

What is welding?

When you heat a piece of metal so that part of it melts, that melted part can stick to another piece of metal and when it cools and hardens, the two pieces of metal will be co (MORE)

What is the welding sequence for a 1G weld?

There are many different factors that may determine welding sequence. Of course, a 1G weld is defined as a Flat (1) Groove (G) weld and the 1G is usually used when describing (MORE)