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How do you unlock Welkin Gunther at Valkyria Chronicles 2?

There is a code that comes with the anime DVDs in Japan which unlocks Alicia and Welkin. In the NA version, all infantry classes must be Lv 50 and all orders must be learnt (MORE)
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Did they save Miniver in the series called Welkin Weasels?

Yes, at the end of Castle Storm, Sylver has a dream, in which Miniver explains that he just had to fall asleep thinking about her to bring her back. She returns in Windjammer (MORE)
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What movie and television projects has Peter Welkin been in?

Peter Welkin has: Played Trulann in "Crusade" in 1999. Played Lead abductor in "And Then Came Summer" in 2000. Played Jerome in "Two of a Kind" in 2005. Played Dave in "Boysto (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in Into the Welkin - 2010?

The cast of Into the Welkin - 2010 includes: Brendon Connors as Assassin One Shaun Cooney as CIA Operative Justin Gerard as Caddy Matthew Goulian as Nick Andrea Hanley as Eliz (MORE)