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How do you get to wellspring cave?

get on route 3 and go straight you should PASS the daycare and preschool now go up the stairs next to the grass keep going straight then turn and you will see the entrance

How do you get to wellspring cave in pokemon white?

Ok so first its easiest to just fly to straiaton city. From there, walk all the way to the left until there is the fountain. Then walk straight up and you'll be at the daycare (MORE)
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What type of services are offered by the Wellspring Support Network?

Wellspring Support Network offer services to those affected by cancer, be it the cancer patient themselves or their family, friends and/ or carers.  Wellspring Support Networ (MORE)
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Is wellspring a noun?

Yes, the word 'wellspring' is a noun, a common,  singular, abstract noun; a word for a source of a large or  continuous supply.
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