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Is a werewolf a omnivore?

In most cases, they appear to be carnivores, however, it varies on what piece of fiction you're looking at.
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When was the first werewolf?

Werewolves date back for as long as man can remember. Once there were wolves, there were werewolves. There is even a wolf-man mentioned in greek mythology: when a king served (MORE)

What is werewolf syndrome?

"Werewolf Syndrome" has been classified as lycanthropy. Lycanthropy is the disease in which you believe you are turning into a wild animal, although physical symptoms are not (MORE)

How do you get werewolf syndrome?

You get bit, scratched or otherwise receive some werewolf blood. It can be a blood transplant, as long as the werewolf's blood gets into your bloodstream.
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Where do werewolf live?

It varies from caves to woodland areas to mountainous regions or vast open areas of greenery these are the usual places but you may find them in abandoned houses or undergroun (MORE)

Does werewolfs exisT?

yes of course they do some times it is from gamma rays and sometimes it is genetick it all depends they only kill if there new ones and cant be controlled but eventully they l (MORE)

How can you tell its a werewolf?

Well how you can tell is, if you think their is a person who is a werewolf test them by showing them actual silver or see in the night of the full moon.They will change in the (MORE)

Is Inuyasha a werewolf?

Inuyasha is a half dog demon and half human. His dad was a Full dog demon while his mother was human, which makes Inuyasha a half demon.
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