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How did Wesley Chapel FL get its name?

Why do they call it Wesley Chapel? "Wesley Chapel is -- I think -- older than most people would think. It was settled by the Boyette family in the 1840's," said Rodney Kite (MORE)

Why did Wesley Durden commit suicide?

Wesley didnt kill his self because of the show, he had just came back from iraq, he had post traumatic problems, he died two months after the show. He had shot himself in the (MORE)
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What is the story to paul wesley tattoo?

Paul says when he was 15 his school friend (that got him kicked out of school) convinced him to get a tattoo, but when he reached legal age he really hated it, so he went to s (MORE)

What is Wesley in Spanish?

"Wesley" means "west meadow". It's one of those place-names that became the surname of the people who lived there. In Spanish I suppose it would be transcribed "Visileo". Or y (MORE)

Does Wesley Orbison sing?

yes he does he just recorded a album spread your wings you can  listen to it online at his website or at spotify or you can buy it  too.
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