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Where is key west?

Approximately 90 miles north of Cuba and south of Miami. It is an island but you can drive there from the US mainland on US1. It is about 2.5-3 hours drive from Miami.
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Who is Sam westing?

Sam westing is like four people. he is Barney northrup, windy widkloppel, JUllian R East man, sandy mcsoutherns and well sam westing
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What can you do in west Virginia?

There are many things to do in West Virginia. Whitewater rafting, visiting blackwater falls, exploring caverns such as smoke whole caverns, going to seneca rocks, visiting spr (MORE)
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What is the West Indies?

  West Indies An archipelago between southeast North America and northern South America, separating the Caribbean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean and including the Greater An (MORE)

Where is West Sussex?

West Sussex is in south-east England.. West Sussex has been an official county since 1889 and has two major towns Worthing and Crawley. West Sussex' county town is the small (MORE)

What is west of Egypt?

West of Egypt is The Western Desert covers about 700,000 square kilometres and accounts for about two-thirds of Egypt's land area. It spans from the Mediterranean Sea south to (MORE)

What are the countries in the west?

The "West" as a geopolitical entity would include the Americas and Europe. This is compared to the "East" being Asia, and sometimes Russia, the nations of Eastern Europe, and (MORE)