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Who dies in the end of the westing game?

Well, Sandy McSouthers dies, but he actually doesn't. Sandy McSouthers is actually Mr. Westing, Barney Northrup, and a few other characters. Once this is figured out, Sandy Mc (MORE)

When does summer end in west Europe?

  Summer ends, astronomically, on the autumnal equinox (usually September 21 or 22) all over the world in the northern hemisphere. The seasons are reversed in the southern (MORE)

The end of the westing game?

At the end of the Westing Game, Turtle figures out the puzzle. On the will, it stated "whoever finds the . . " Then, she finds out the fourth section was meant to be there. Th (MORE)

What are west end musicals?

  They are similar to Broadway, but they are in London, in the West of London. They are shows that combine Music, Drama and Dancing and very melodramatic. It is usually co (MORE)

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