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What reunited East and West Germany?

The 1989 collapse of the East German government was followed by the destruction of the Berlin Wall. In October 1990, the reunification of Germany was made official when each o (MORE)

Is Germany west Germany and east Germany the same?

Yes.    Germany more or less finally became a single unified country in  1871. In 1945, after Germany lost World War II, it was split into  four parts, each part cont (MORE)

Why did Germany divide into East West Germany?

Answer   At the end of WWII, the Allies invaded Germany. The Soviets came from the East, and invaded up to the Oder-Neisse Line. The Americans, French, and British came t (MORE)
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Is Poland east Germany or West Germany?

Modern East Germany was Middle Germany in the past. During WWII all the borders of Poland moved westwards. So you can say that some parts of Poland were formally East Germany, (MORE)

When did West Germany separate from East Germany?

Following her defeat in 1945, Germany was divided into 4 occupation  zones, each with one of the big players in WW2 occupying one, these  being France, the UK, America and t (MORE)

Why did East Germany separate from West Germany?

  Following the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945 the state was divided into areas controlled by the US, Gt Britain and France and the USSR. Eventually the area controlled by (MORE)

What is the federal republic in West Germany?

The federation of several states of the western part of Germany occupied by USA, France UK in their three sectors. Later the three occupired sectors played a minor role and We (MORE)

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How were West and East Germany reunited?

It was actually a misunderstanding!   Rebellions in East Germany had been going on for a long time, so an  East German politician was prepared to lift the restrictions,  (MORE)