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What are the Lusitania and the Sussex?

The Lusitania was a cruise ship full of Americans that was accidentally sunk by the Germans in WW1, and was the main cause of American involvement in WW1. When Germany helped (MORE)

What Roman roads were in West Sussex?

The main Roman Road in West Sussex is Stane Street, which runs from Chichester to London. There was also a Roman Road running north from Chichester towards the Roman camp at (MORE)

Where is West Sussex?

West Sussex is in south-east England.. West Sussex has been an official county since 1889 and has two major towns Worthing and Crawley. West Sussex' county town is the small (MORE)

What are the beaches in Sussex?

Sussex is an hisorical county and former Saxon Kingdom in coastal south-east England, it's beaches stretch from Thorney Island just east of Portsmouth to the border with Kent (MORE)

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What is the area code for West Sussex England?

UK telephone area codes do not follow county boundaries. There areseveral area codes for different parts of West Sussex, including: . 01273 Brighton* . 01243 Chichester . (MORE)