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Is the Baptist church named after John the Baptist?

No. Both Baptists and Anabaptists have their names deriving from the idea that they would "re-baptize" people. By 1500's it had become normative to practice the Christian rite (MORE)

What is required for church membership in a Baptist church?

What is required for church membership in a Baptist Church? The answer is: First, you must be saved or born again (John 3:3). Being born again is receiving Jesus Christ as you (MORE)

Is a Baptist church in the south a Southern Baptist church?

A Southern Baptist Church is part of the Southern Baptist Convention and hold to certain conservative beliefs although each church is fundamentally autonomous. There is a Sout (MORE)

What is the difference in a parish church and a baptist church?

Many Christian Churches called their local congregations "parishes", if the local congregations are set up along geographical lines, often with one congregation per neighborho (MORE)

Is a baptist church a good church to go to?

Make sure the pastor loves God and preaches about what the Holy Bible says and helps people to live a good Christian loving caring life.
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Do the baptist churches sing in church services?

Absolutely. Most (all?) Baptist churches have music as considered a vital part of main worship services. A few, like many Primitive Baptists, do not use musical instruments. O (MORE)

Why is the Baptist church called Baptist?

Here's the problem. John the Baptist's baptism was not the baptism that Jesus and his disciples conferred. They baptized with water and 'in The Spirit'; John the Baptist did n (MORE)
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What is the role of a deacon in the Baptist church?

He can be part of the leadership of the church and is usually  always a help to the pastor. A deacon will therefore help with  preaching, teaching, assisting elders and spec (MORE)