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Why was papyrus so significant for the Egyptians?

It gave them something to write on that was thin, yet durable, that could be rolled. Also it could be carried easily, compared to the clay tablets they used to write on, It wa (MORE)

Where in Egypt did papyrus grow?

Papyrus grew in the Nile Delta in Lower (northern) Egypt. Papyrus  is a water-loving plant and grows in marshy areas. Papyrus actually  became extinct in Lower Egypt because (MORE)

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Why is papyrus so important?

Papyrus is important because it was an early form of paper. It allowed inventors to create better quality things. Papyrus was used for recording things. It was used by the Anc (MORE)

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What is papyrus?

Answer . Papyrus was used about 3500 BC. by the Ancient Egyptians. They used it to write records for the Pharaohs. Traders also wrote on this Paper Payrus. They used reed l (MORE)

How papyrus is made?

The production of papyrus paper is attributed to the Egyptians  almost 6,000 years ago.    Papyrus is made from papyrus reeds (Cyperus papyrus).    First you cu (MORE)

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