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What is an aircraft fitter?

An aircraft fitter is an engineer who specializes in the fitting,  assembly, repair and service of airplanes. They must be  mechanically able to keep the aircraft functionin (MORE)

What are formers on aircraft?

A former on an aircraft is used to provide the basic shape of the fuselage. They are used at set intervals and carry less loading than the frames. Typically, they will be foun (MORE)

How quick can an aircraft carrier launch aircraft?

The answer for todays carriers would be different. For WWII, there were no catapults to assist in slinging planes into the air. They had to get airborne under their own powe (MORE)

Do aircraft have gears?

Retractable wheels on aircraft are often called "landing gear", and some of the engine designs used in aircraft can contain a gear box. But gears as they look like in cars are (MORE)

How do you get an aircraft license?

Pretty much like how you get a driver's license. You take classes, do homework and have to pass a test. The main difference is that once you have your license you have to mai (MORE)

What is pitch in aircraft?

Pitch is a rotating movement of the body of the aircraft about the  axis of the wings. Pitch is represented by rotating to tilt the  aircraft up or down.    Yaw is a (MORE)