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What is the statue of westminster?

The statue of Westminster 1931 is an act of the parliament of theunited kingdom. It effected the equality of Britain and theirdominants.
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What is Westminster Abbey?

Westminster Abbey is a huge church in London. It used to be for Monks but now they have changed it so it also a Museum, a school and many other things.
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Where is Westminster Abbey?

Westminster Abbey is located in London, the capital city of the UK. It is situated next to Parliament Square, across from the Houses of Parliament, and near the river Thames.
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What is there to do in Westminster London?

It depends what you are looking for but Westminster has some of the best venues for tourists as well as events for locals or visitors who don't necessarily want to visit Big B ( Full Answer )
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What does Westminster mean?

Westminster is a part of greater London in England, and was and is the centre of the government there. The Houses of Parliament are located in Westminster. Therefore sometime ( Full Answer )
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What bus do you get on to get to Westminster?

Well if you think about it that would depend on where you are starting from and you seem to have missed this bit of information out.
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Is the gherkin in Westminster?

No. It's address is 30 St Mary Axe which is within the City of London.
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What is the palace of Westminster?

The Palace of Westminster is the official name of the two houses of the British Parliament - the House of Commons and the House of Lords.
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On Westminster Boulevard?

On Westminster Boulevard there is a bridge, a beautiful bridge to see. And under that bridge, that beautiful bridge, is the beautiful Dry Creek Trail. To see the beautiful bri ( Full Answer )