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What was the Westward Expansion?

It was a series of journies to create more land for America, so they could go west of the Appalachian Mountians to reach the Western border. Personally I thought it was all (MORE)
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What is westward expantion?

The Westward Expansion was when the US gained more territory west of the original 13 colonies.
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What was the westward expansion about?

The settlement of the huge territories acquired from France by the Louisiana Purchase and then from Mexico, following the Mexican-American War. The debate over whether the ne (MORE)
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Where about is westward camp?

Only minutes from Sundre, on the banks of the Little Red DeerRiver, Westward Ho Park Westward Ho is a traditional summer camp for boys and girls ages 7to 18 on Orcas Island in (MORE)
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Why did Mormons migrate westward?

To escape persecution they were facing in the United States and tobe able to set up there own government/Theocracy in a new territorythat was all their own. It would be mislea (MORE)
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Why did you have the westward expansion?

Americans always wanted to expand westward, even before the Revolutionary War. The only problem was that the Proclamation of 1763 prevented them from doing so. After the Revol (MORE)
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Why did you have westward migration?

Gold in California. Fish and lumber in Oregon and Washington. Land and plenty of it to farm and to mine for resources.
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What was westward migration?

Westward migration or westward expansion was the principle ofmanifest destiny and expanding the United States of America.