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How can you get wet?

By coming in contact with water, eg. a swimming pool. if u go by water and dump it on u or jump in a pool and swim u will get wet juts watch and learn ow wet u will get u will (MORE)

What is the difference between wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry painting?

"Wet on wet" or "wet in wet" means that you are applying wet paint (usually oil, artist's colours) to a surface that you have already painted which is still wet. If using oil, (MORE)

How can you get yourself wet?

You can get yourself wet by putting yourself in water. This can bedone any number of ways, such as by using the water faucet at asink, shower or bathtub, or by swimming in a p (MORE)
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Can you get wet wearing wet suit?

Yes you get wet wearing a wet suit. Though it's a called a wet suit it's main properties are to keep you warmer and provided buoyancy
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Who are the members of Wet Wet Wet?

The band members consist of Marti Pellow (vocals) Tommy Cunningham (Vocals and Drums) Graeme Clark (Vocals and bass) and Neil Mitchell (vocals and keyboard). The band is of a (MORE)