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Can you get a trumpet wet?

Yes one can I will clean my trumpet ever 6 months in a quick bath and then dry it out and re oil it. If you were playing in rain or something its fine just always dry it off. (MORE)
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Why do water does not get wet?

A liquid can't be wet, the adjective wet implies that at some point in time it was dry, or that it had a solid firm which can get wet. Ice can be wet but when ice turns into i (MORE)
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Can rabbits get wet?

If you mean (are Rabbits aloud to get wet) then the answer is yes. They can get wet if they are really dirty and you need to give them a bath or shower. But over all they're n (MORE)

Can microfiber get wet?

  Yes. It can, and will dry normally without problems. Microfiber will stretch when wet, but otherwise no difference from normal cloth.
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What is wet vapor?

Wet Vapour is the region which contains a mixture of liquid and vapour. The liquid is saturated liquid and the vapour is saturated vapour. The temperature stays uniform until (MORE)

What rhymes with wet?

Yet, get, set, whet, bet, debt, jet, let, met, net, pet, vet, met set bet net yet vet get
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What do you do if you wet your bed?

Take the sheets and any wet bed clothes off and put in the washing pile or machine if empty. Put your wet pants or pyjamas in the wash also. Try not to drink anything after yo (MORE)