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What is the meaning of the idiomatic expression wet blanket?

A person can sometimes be described as a wet blanket if they make it harder for others to have fun, socialize, or participate in a party, etc. I believe that the intended comp (MORE)

What does the idiom 'wet blanket' mean?

A wet blanket is a person who is often stubborn, negative, and resists change. Whatever you suggest, they have a reason for not doing it and why it will never work. They may b (MORE)
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How do you get a blanket on Howrse?

A blanket cannot be put onto a horse as you are unable to buy one. You can however have a blanket which allows you to have your horse sleep outside in all weather. To get thi (MORE)

Why is blanket Jackson called blanket?

Blanket is called Blanket because Michael uses that term to convey protection, comfort and support. He wants to "blanket" his children, as any parent would. He explains the na (MORE)

Can rabbits have blankets?

I am a brand new rabbit owner but mine (adopted) came with a blanket I was told he liked. He has since made one of our own blankets his favourite spot for relaxing on & never (MORE)

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