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How do I repair a wetsuit?

The short answer is glue, but use a type that is non-corrosive to neoprene.. Either that or use fishing line and sew it.
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Why do we wear wetsuits?

because the Atlantic ocean is freezin and Cornwall is home to some comitted English surfers who surf all year round
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How do you fit into a wetsuit?

All you do is attach a zip to the back. This might sound crazy but eat a bowl of chicken soup. It helps with breaking down fractions of vaccum in your body. Then you should fi (MORE)
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What are wetsuits used for?

A - keeping you warm. They trap a thin layer of water between you and the wetsuit, which your body wams up. So, although they let a little water in, it's better than no wets (MORE)
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What are wetsuits supposed to do and how?

Wetsuits are suppose to keep you warm in the ocean or cold water. They keep you warm by creating a thin layer of water between your skin and the wet suit. Your body heat warms (MORE)
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How does a wetsuit work?

A wetsuit allows a thin layer of water to be between your body and the neoprene suit. Your body heat warms this water and helps keep your body warm. A properly fitting wetsuit (MORE)
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How waterproof are wetsuits?

the material is waterproof but the seals around wrists, ankles and neck as well as zippers usually aren't. But wet suits aren't meant to be water proof, they're only meant to (MORE)
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Why are wetsuits warm?

Because the wet suit keeps cold water from getting to your skin. The wet suit is a skin tight suit.
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What brands of wetsuit are there?

I'm sure theres more brands elsewhere, but i think i can name one from the top of my head... body glove. hope that helps! :)
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How does seaworld get their wetsuits?

They make them, just look for something similar. Amazon have some at a great low price@ or just look around..