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How do you program regency wham o 10 scanner?

Use the supplied tool to program each of the 10 program  a comb use the tool to breakoff specific teeth on each comb.use the  whammo 10 comb programing book that co (MORE)

Who was the girl in 'Last Christmas' video by Wham?

  The girl in the "Last Christmas" Wham video was a model called Kathy Hill. She can be found at the following links below. (MORE)

What is o?

Answer O is a letter when say O by its self it usually means that  they are shocked or surprised about something.
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When was song Last Christmas by Wham first released?

The song Last Christmas by Wham! was released in 1984 as single from the album Music from the Edge of Heaven. It peaked at 2 in the Single Charts and only reached number 1 in (MORE)