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Why do cheetah cubs have mimicry?

Cheetah cubs have mimicry so other animals will think it is something else. Cheetah cubs mimic honey badgers. When they curl up on the ground, they look like a sleeping honey (MORE)

What animals display mimicry?

  Many animals display mimicry, some of which are listed below:   The Ash Borer (Podosesia syringae), a moth of the Clearwing family (Sesiidae), is a Batesian mimic of (MORE)
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What is the difference between Batesian mimicry and Mullerian mimicry?

Batesian mimicry is when a harmless species or a species that is prey to predators (some textbooks might use the word 'palatable', which means savoury or tasty) copies a harmf (MORE)

What are 3 types of mimicry?

Batesian mimicry is when a non-dangerous animal adapts to appear similar to a a dangerous one to dissuade predators from eating them. Mullerian mimicry is when two dangerous s (MORE)

What is the definition of mimicry?

Mimicry is the ability to blend in to ones surroundings or to look similar to another organism. When thinking about this term in the animal world some great examples are chame (MORE)

How is mimicry and camouflage alike?

Mimicry and camouflage are both a type of natural defense based around an species's appearance. With camouflage, it blends in with its environment, and with mimicry, it imitat (MORE)

What does mimicry mean?

To mimic is to try to be like something else. You might want to  behave like someone. Comedians often do impersonations of people.  That is mimicry. Someone trying to make t (MORE)

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