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What is the difference between Batesian mimicry and Mullerian mimicry?

Batesian mimicry is when a harmless species or a species that is prey to predators (some textbooks might use the word 'palatable', which means savoury or tasty) copies a harmf (MORE)
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The difference from mimicry and camouflage?

  Both are forms of passive defense. Camouflage is when a species evolves to have colours and paterns simlar to its natural environment allowing it to blend in and thus hi (MORE)

How does mimicry relate to natural selection?

Quite simply, the better an individual is able to mimic its surroundings, the less likely a predator is to spot it. This gives it a better chance of mating and passing its gen (MORE)

Do pandas use mimicry?

Not really. But they do have black and white fur, when in the winter there is snow. Since panda's are mostly white, it helps them surround their surroundings. Hopes this helps (MORE)

What does mimicry mean?

To mimic is to try to be like something else. You might want to  behave like someone. Comedians often do impersonations of people.  That is mimicry. Someone trying to make t (MORE)
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How do animals use mimicry to survive?

  It can be used as a disguise like you make yourself look like your in the group when your not.
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Is a king cobra protected by mimicry?

No. They will raise up, as high as 6', and spread their hood to  make themselves look bigger and more dangerous. But they do not  mimic anything.
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