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Who was the first rhythm and blues artist?

Roy Brown in 1947, with "Good Rocking Tonight." It was the first "jump blues" song sung Gospel style, creating a new genre called Rhythm and Blues. Wynonie Harris did a raunch (MORE)

What are the names of the moody Blues albums?

Ignoring the live albums, anthologies and compilations, they are: Denny Laine, Clint Warwick, Ray Thomas, Mike Pinder and Graeme Edge line-up The Magnificent Moodies Justin H (MORE)
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Names of westlife 's albums?

1. Westlife 2. Coast to Coast 3. World of Our Own 4. Unbreakable - Greatest Hits Volume 1 5. Turnaround 6. Allow Us To Be Frank 7. Face to Face 8. The Love Album (MORE)

What city was known as the Rhythm and Blues capitol of the world?

The designation of 'Rhythm and Blues Capitol of the World' has been  given and claimed by various American cities in past decades.  Perhaps the best claimant to the title wo (MORE)

What are the names of The Jackson 5's albums?

Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5 ... 1969 ABC ...1970 Third Album ... 1970 Christmas Album ... 1970 Maybe Tomorrow ... 1971 Goin' Back To Indiana ... 1971 Greatest Hi (MORE)

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