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What is justinians legacy?

Justinian's Legacy was that 1.) He Rebuilt Constantinople 2.) He took Christian Leadership 3.) He was involved with alot of New architecture. 4.) He reformed the Law and made (MORE)

What is Beethoven's legacy?

Beethoven's legacy to the Western World was his new musical ideas no one had tried before like adding choral voices to the orchestra in the last movement of his ninth symphony (MORE)

What is the legacy of Mesopotamia?

The ancient Mesopotamians left behind a huge legacy that helped to shape the current world today. Whether it was religion, mathematics, or technology, much of what we have is (MORE)

What does legacy means?

legacy is whatever you leave behind when you are dead ,can be stories you told, the   boxing you have thought or the cooking recipe or way to do things    so practicall (MORE)

What is India's legacy?

Hinduism and Buddhism are practiced in countries besides India and  have also influenced people of other faiths. Also, the artistic  styles of ancient India influenced oth (MORE)

What is a legacy system?

Answer   In computer terminology the word legacy is usually used as a legacy system, which represents an old computer system or application, which is used by the users, o (MORE)

What was the legacy of The Beatles?

the legacy of the beatles: The Beatles' influence on popular culture was---and remains---immense. Former Rolling Stone associate editor Robert Greenfield said, "People are sti (MORE)
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What is Plato's legacy?

Plato was a philosopher in Ancient Greece and a student of  Socrates. He is best known now for his work "The Republic" in which  he elaborates on his philosophies on the ide (MORE)

What was Alexander's legacy?

Alexander was a great military leader. He was Brave and even  Reckless. He often rode into battle ahead of his men and risked his  own life. He inspired his army to March in (MORE)

What was the legacy of Carthage?

There is not much of a "Carthaginian" Carthage legacy. Carthage was  destroyed in 146 BC by the Romans in the Third Punic War. it was  rebuilt 150-200 years later as a Roman (MORE)