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What are the differences between Chinese and Japanese whatnots?

There are so many differences I don't think I can possibly list it. It's disappointing that you would throw two distinct cultures in the same bunch. The Japanese originate (MORE)

How do you repair your driver side door window when it has fallen off the track on a Jeep Cherokee Grand 2002 I have seen the post for 99 and whatnot but 2002 model is different?

I have had this happen three times on my jeep, so I've gotten pretty good at it. Bad thing is, is that it probably didn't fall off the track, the cable probably broke and you' (MORE)

Having a C compiler Where can I buy a computer that runs on Windows 95 but with modern RAM processor speed and whatnot?

That's not really possible. A "modern" amount of RAM these days is at least 1 GB. Windows 95 simply will not be able to use (and probably won't boot with) more than 480 MB of (MORE)

How likely is it for American Honda to file a judgment for a voluntary repossession if all your other bills loans and whatnot are in good standings?

Virtually 100%. When/how long? That's the question. Usually within 2-3 months, but not always. The state in which you reside has laws (statute of limitation) dictating how lon (MORE)