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What does it mean when a guy says he cares so much for you and then suddenly stops talking to you for no reason whatsoever and blocks you from the chats and when you ask him why he ignores your calls?

The best thing to do is phone him and see if he answers his calls. If not and he lives in your area then try seeing him (without warning.) You deserve an answer! If this isn't (MORE)

Is a completely safe site meaning no viruses whatsoever?

People can't upload documents with attached viruses or malware, if that's what you mean.'s built-in uploaders prevent certain types of attachments, and strip ou (MORE)
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Is whatsoever one word?

  yes, it is one word. "whatsoever" is the correct way.   it is like: nonetheless nevertheless   yes, it is one word. "whatsoever" is the correct way.   i (MORE)

How do you install a wiring harness for a trailer hitch on a 1997 Jeep Cherokee that has no exposed wires whatsoever under the rear bumper?

If it is like a 99, just remove the plastic panel behind the spare tire on the drivers side in the back. In one of the cut-outs you will see connector plugs that connect the (MORE)

What does this mean in a will all the rest residue and remainder of your estate both real and personal tangible and intangible of whatsoever nature and wheresoever situated including all property?

The "residuary clause" means what's "left over" after paying the bills, paying the specific bequests of property, dollar amounts and percentages to specific parties. For ins (MORE)

What does it mean if your ears bleed when your stretching or gauging them but it doesnt hurt whatsoever?

As you are not creating a new wound, simply utilizing the elasticity of your skin to open a preexisting hole further, there should be no blood, ever. Just because there is no (MORE)

Was God alone in darkness and silence doing nothing whatsoever and bored to death before he created the Universe?

This question is actually based on a philosophical  misunderstanding. To be "God" presupposes that the Existence in  question is uncreated. God therefore is outside of time (MORE)