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What are the wheels of the skateboard?

Wheels on skateboard can be as little as 50mm and go as big as 70mm (longboard wheels) and the softness rating verys. Smaller wheels are better for flip tricks, while bigger w (MORE)

What is 'Wheel organ'?

in branchiostoma, the inner lining of the vestibule produces a complicated ciliated grooves and ridges, called wheel creats a whirling currents of water to sweep the (MORE)

What does a wheel alignment do?

  Straightens the camber and toe-out/toe-in of the wheels so the car doesn't pull to one side or the other when going down the road. This also promotes better tire wear, a (MORE)

What does a wheel bearing do?

Answer   Carries the weight of the wheel and allow it to spin without wearing the spindle or shaft   A bearing is a device to permit constrained relative motion betwee (MORE)

What is gossip wheel?

A 'gossip wheel' in regards to a spinning wheel is a wheel that has two bobbins flyers on it. Both are driven by the same treadle, usually. This would allow two people to sit (MORE)

How was the wheel invented?

Answer one: The wheel was thought to be invented by the Mesopotamians with a log because they realized they could take a log and place it under heavy objects and the logs wo (MORE)

Does a boat have wheels?

Of course they have wheels. but not 4 or 3 they have 1. And the wheel is to conduct the boat. so if you want to turn the boat to the right you turn the wheel to the right. and (MORE)

What is locking your wheels?

Can you use it in a sentence? This could have multiple meanings. Locking your wheels could mean braking so hard that the wheel stop turning even though the vehicle is still (MORE)