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How big is the wheel of a wheel an axle?

Well the wheel and axles are both wheels first of all. And the wheel of a wheel and axle is bigger than the inner wheel (The Axle). Wow, I'm 11 and answering a question like (MORE)

Is the wheel on Wheel of Fortune fixed?

There are more than enough ironic, brilliant, or dumb moments in the game without having to manipulate the outcome. (Besides it being covered by several FCC regulations on gam (MORE)

Does a car wheel have wheel bearings in it?

No. ANS 2 most modern cars have the wheel bearing as part of the hub, that is, the part that holds the brake rotor and wheel on.
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What type of wheels are 4wd wheels?

The term 4WD wheels refers to 'four wheel drive'. It is a four wheeled vehicle that allows all four wheels to receive torque from the engine at the same time.
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