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Can dog run fever while teething?

It is possible that a puppy might have a temperature while teething due to the fact that it can be painful. The normal temperature of a dog is 37.5-39oC. If the temperature re (MORE)

Can your dog run away on Nintendogs?

yes your dog can run away if you leave your game running for a while your dog can run away from you and when you go on your game when you notice your dog is gone just tap your (MORE)

Why does your dog run away from you when you aproach him?

If your dog was taking from a shelter, it could have had a cruel owner earlier, or had been neglected. Which means it tends to avoid people. Or if it is just you, you should f (MORE)

How do you train your dog not to run away?

you let it on a very long leash and see what he will do then if he is good then take im off the leash. watch him like a hawk. and if he goes out of the bounders call is name q (MORE)

How to catch a run away dog?

Hopefully the Dog was Chipped, You should call the Animal Shelters all over your Country and describe your Dog to them and give them your phone number, So if they think someon (MORE)

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Where to look when your dog runs away?

Check at all the neighbors houses in your area, go door to door so that they know you have lost your dog and are looking for it. Be sure to leave your phone number with each n (MORE)

What does it mean when you dream your dog runs away?

Dogs appear in most people's dreams at one time or another and havea lot to say about your life situation. First you must determinehow you feel about dogs. If you like dogs th (MORE)