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What is a whip?

A whip is a long weapon used for self defense, it is often used for animals but is often used on humans as well.
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What does a whip do?

It depends on what type of whip. If it is a horse ridding aid, then it encourages the horse to obey your hand, leg and voice command. If it is a cart whip, it gets the horse/h ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have to whip it and whip it good?

If you are referring to the 1980 Devo single, there are a number of answers. Written by Mark Mothersbaugh, the song indeed is sort of a self-help poem. The first option is sim ( Full Answer )
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What is a whip it?

whip it means to move up and down. for example: whip the fruit shake. Another term for whipits are N02 or NOS. When you inhale it you get high for 30sec to a min. It has a ( Full Answer )
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Can you get whip lash from a whip?

It depends i am talking first about the movie whip it that is where you hold on to someones hand and they give you more speed. But usually you do get a whip lash. And if you w ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to whip it on stardoll?

Go On Cinema An Then Wach The Video Or You Can Visit The Magazine And There Is A Link On The 4th Page. Enjoy :)
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WHERE was Jesus whipped?

Jesus of Nazareth was beaten across his back, at the courtyard ofthe Roman Prelate of Rome, Pontius Pilate. Prelate is a word forGovernor.