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Give you a sentence for aero- space?

"It's a very aero design, with smooth lines
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What does aero mean?

Its from the Greek "aeros"(pronounced aiross) or "air", or lower  atmosphere". Its associated with such terms as aeroplane,  aeronaughtics etc
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Where are whirlpools found?

They are found off the coast of Japan, Norway, the USA, and Scotland. Use ally under waterfalls.
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How does a whirlpools form?

A whirlpool is a small "underwater" tornado. It is created by two currents or tides coming from different directions and colliding.
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What is an aero physicist?

An aero physicist is a physicist with a specialization in aerospace. This means that the physicist has experience with aeronautics or astronautics.
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Who owns whirlpool?

Jeff M Fettig is the chair person and CEO of Whirlpool. Whirlpool  also markets KitchenAid, Maytag, Jenn-Are, as well as others.
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Does aero have a short A vowel sound?

No. In US English, The AE in the root aero is pronounced as a caret A (long A + R = air). The O is also long.
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What is aero gardening and how can you build one?

An Aero Garden is an indoor gardening system that is basically a container of soil under a grow light, sometimes including a self-watering and fertilizing system. You can buy (MORE)