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How do whirlpools start?

Whirlpools can be formed when currents are strong enough to wrap  around each other, creating rapidly swirling water that spirals.  Another way whirlpools are made is by win (MORE)
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What does aero mean?

Its from the Greek "aeros"(pronounced aiross) or "air", or lower  atmosphere". Its associated with such terms as aeroplane,  aeronaughtics etc
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Where do whirlpools lead to?

They just lead everything they pull to the bottom of the ocean. More Information: Fresh water whirlpools lead water flow underground to re-emerge further down the aquifer as (MORE)

How do whirlpools form?

A whirlpool is a small "underwater" tornado. It is created by two currents or tides coming from different directions and colliding. With respect to whirlpool or vortex forma (MORE)

What are aero planes?

Aeroplanes (another word for airplanes) are flying vehicles. Airplanes are vehicles that you can pay to get on to fly from oneplace to another. Some planes are used to fight (MORE)