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What are whirlwinds?

Whirlwind 1. A rapidly rotating, generally vertical column of air, such as atornado, dust devil, or waterspout. 2. A tumultuous, confused rush. A destructive force or thing. (MORE)
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Why are whirlwinds important?

They are just like tornadoes they are important because they can cause a terrible destruction to what part of earth they begin.

What rhymes with whirlwind?

There is no one word that rhymes with whirlwind . However, individual words that rhyme with each syllable can be combined and used: whirl - burl, curl, earl, girl, hurl, (MORE)

What are the windspeed of a whirlwind?

It depends on the type and intensity of the whirlwind. Steam devilshave wind speeds of just a few miles per hour. Dust devilstypically produce winds between 25 and 45 mph, but (MORE)