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What are whirlwinds?

Whirlwind    1. A rapidly rotating, generally vertical column of air, such as a  tornado, dust devil, or waterspout.   2. A tumultuous, confused rush. A destructiv (MORE)
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Why are whirlwinds important?

They are just like tornadoes they are important because they can cause a terrible destruction to what part of earth they begin.

What rhymes with whirlwind?

There is no one word that rhymes with whirlwind. However, individual words that rhyme with each syllable can be combined and used: whirl - burl, curl, earl, girl, hurl, pearl (MORE)

What are the windspeed of a whirlwind?

It depends on the type and intensity of the whirlwind. Steam devils  have wind speeds of just a few miles per hour. Dust devils  typically produce winds between 25 and 45 mp (MORE)