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What is the ticker symbol for fireball whisky?

Fireball is made by the Sazerac Company, which is privately owned.  Ergo, Fireball doesn't have a stock ticker since it's nor it's  parent company are currently publicly tra (MORE)

Does whisky thin your blood?

my doctor says, if over 40, never, never eat a green vegatable, green beans, asparaqus, brocolli, peas all are high in blood clotting agents and do more harm than good, he als (MORE)
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How many calories are in a shot of whisky?

  in 86 proof whiskey, you get 70 calories.   How things change, now a days people worrie about calories and not the damage alcohol does to the body.
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Is whisky a solution?

Whisky is a solution, where the atoms or molecules of the substances are completely dispersed
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What is the origin of the word whisky?

same origin as Aquae Vitae or akvavit as we say in scandinavia .. meaning "water of life". Say that in gaelic (like Asterix or rather his druid Miraculix).. then it spelled (MORE)