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What did the soldiers in world war 1 use the whistle to communicate?

Officers used brass or nickel whistles to communicate to their soldiers in the heat of battle usually over machine gun fire and artillery fire. They would use the whistle at f (MORE)
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How does wind break down rocks?

Wind can carry abrasive particles which weather rocks. Trees can be uprooted by wind, causing the rocks at their roots to fracture. Wind can create waves which can fracture or (MORE)
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What direction is down wind?

If you hold a leaf and let it go in the wind, the direction the leaf is blown is down wind.   Thus if you turn to face in the opposite direction you are facing up wind.  (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Whistle Down the Wind - 1961?

The cast of Whistle Down the Wind - 1961 includes: John Arnatt as Superintendent Teesdale Christine Ashworth as The Disciple Charlotte Attenborough as Child in Final Crowd Sce (MORE)