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What bird whistles?

A parrot can be trained to whistle. A parrot can also be trained to  say many words and will also pick up frequently heard words.
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Is whistle an adjective?

Whistle can be a verb or a noun, but it is not an adjective. As a verb: He whistles happy tunes all day long. As a noun: Referees always have a whistle handy. The present par (MORE)
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Why is there a ball in a whistle?

The ball is there to make the whistle tone more noticeable.     It does so by moving around, raising and lowering the pitch and volume as it moves. The result is much m (MORE)

Can God whistle?

God can do anything He wants. Some people claim that Jesus can't be God, because God can't be in two places at once. But the Bible says God can do anything He wants. "But Jesu (MORE)

Do snakes whistle?

  Answer   No, if you heard a snake whistle it was likely a respiratory infection or the like.
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When was the whistle invented?

Whistles made of bone or wood have been used for thousands of years for spiritual, practical, and, or entertainment purposes. A very distinctive whistle is the boatswain's pip (MORE)

How do whistles work?

Whistles can be made of a hard material, such as plastic, wood or metal. It is a device that makes a whistling sound when air is blown through its mouthpiece. One type of whis (MORE)
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Is it 'wet' your whistle or 'whet' your whistle?

I have seen it spelled both ways and at first I thought "whet" was the olde english spelling. I hope you find this explanation as sensible as I did. To whet is to sharpen / ho (MORE)