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Why are clouds always white?

Clouds are not always white, when rain precipitates into the air it  forms clouds and makes a blockage in the sky. When enough  precipitation builds up the clouds turn a dar (MORE)

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Why are clouds white?

The whiteness of the clouds is due to light of all colors being dispersed by the water/ice of the clouds. Clouds quite a distance away appear yellow due to the blue wavelength (MORE)
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Why is the sky blue and the clouds white?

The sky is blue because that is the color of Nitrogen in large quantities. The atmosphere absorbs all light except for blue, which is reflected back. Clouds are white becaus (MORE)

What do Fluffy white clouds mean in the weather?

It means that it's a nice day, or it's about to thunder (depending on the sky color) If the sky is blue, then it means it's a nice day. But if the sky is grey or dark, it mean (MORE)
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Which clouds are white with fuzzy edges?

Clouds that are white with fuzzy edges might be the cumulus clouds.  These might also refer to the altocumulus clouds which are found  higher in the atmosphere.
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What do you call the white clouds airplanes make?

Have you ever watched an airplane fly across a clear, blue sky? Sometimes it's easy to trace an airplane's path because it leaves behind a white streak across the sky. After a (MORE)