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In Spain

Why are the houses in Spain white?

The houses in Spain are white because it is very hot and sunny in Spain and white reflects light better than other colours so it helps cool the house.
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Who pays for In Performance at the White House?

This is the info from the website: The "In Performance at the White House" series was created by WETA   Washington, D.C. The series producer is Jackson Frost. Corporate (MORE)

When was the White House named the White House?

the white house was named the white house in 1901 by Theodore Roosevelt After it was burned by the British in 1812 it was painted white to cover the burn marks. Today those ma (MORE)

What was the White House called before The White House?

The President's home was called The Executive Mansion or the President Palace. One Hundred and Seven Years ago (today) Oct 12, 1901, President Theodore Roosevelt decided to (MORE)

Was the White House called anything before the white house?

  Yes, it was often referred to as The Presidential Mansion or The Presidential Palace. First Lady Dolley Madison referred to it as The President's Castle. The first evide (MORE)

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Why was the White House painted white?

Why is the White House "White"?   Many people including at least one encyclopedia have supposed that the white house was painted white in order to cover burn marks left by (MORE)

Why is the White House called the people's house?

The White House is owned by the US government which is a government of the people, so in a way, the people own the White House. ( Incidentally, I think the term "people's hous (MORE)

Why White House is painted white?

In 1812 the British burned the white house in the War of 1812. When it was repaired it was painted white. Paint was very expensive in the 1800's so to have a whole house paint (MORE)

If you live in a rental house who pays the plumber bill - you or the landlord?

Most rental questions can be answered by talking with your landlord. I've been in both situations. As a renter, I want the landlord to take care of everything. As a landlord, (MORE)